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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Latest Service Plan Changes Announced

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Here's the text from the revised Service Plan dated 1/10/2017.
Line 120 (Fremont BART – Lockheed Martin) This line would continue to start at Fremont BART, but it would be rerouted to serve the Warm Springs BART Station instead of stopping at Mission Blvd. & Paseo Padre. The route would access the Warm Springs BART from Mission Blvd. via Durham Rd., Paseo Padre and Grimmer Blvd. with a stop at Paseo Padre & Grimmer Blvd. A new southbound a.m. trip would be added between the first two trips, and an extra northbound p.m. trip would be added (Trip times to be determined). Current service to the Shoreline area in Mountain View would be discontinued. These changes are proposed in conjunction with the BART extension to Warm Springs. Additional changes will be proposed as BART extends further south. (Jan. 2016).
The notice passed out to riders on Monday 1/9/2017 was more explicit on those "additional changes" later in 2017.. To DISCONTINUE VTA 120.

I'll seek to clarify how absolute those changes are, and what would move VTA to keep the 120 going. Your concerted effort along with me, is a bare minimum that will accomplish this.

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  1. Thanks for taking the initiative to look for ways to keep line 120 alive, Andrew. In case we need to look into having our employers provide some private shuttle line, or if some small route change can help increase the ridership, just yesterday I noticed a "Moffett Towers" shuttle driving along Fremont Boulevard on my way home. Doing a search online I found the following web page that shows a schedule: http://moffetttowersbus.com/routeschedules/schedule_10142016.htm?dt=1484324474764