Riders communicating together to work with VTA on best transportation solutions from Fremont area to the
Moffett Business Park area.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just Getting Started!

We've all gotten the notice.. VTA is planning on discontinuing VTA120 later this year.  Ug!  This is such a relaxing, convenient and overall reliable way to get to and from work each day. Now VTA seems to be leaning toward pushing everyone on to AC Transit buses, or to BART, then Light Rail to get to the Moffett Business park area.  This will make commutes much longer and uncomfortable for all of us. Let's begin exchanging some ideas and propose some solutions we can all organize behind to get VTA to accommodate us.  We will likely have to get our employers' transportation coordinators together to apply pressure to VTA to accommodate us.

So, this blog and mail list will provide news and information on how we can accomplish this.  Please tell all of your fellow riders to sign up for notices and emails.

VTA is beginning to hold a number of public meetings and forums (some on-line) to hear from Riders, so they say... The deadline for getting all those rider inputs is around Feb 20, 2017... So we will need to get this going quickly to prevent the complete cancellation of our great bus route.  So, please plan on checking this often and responding often as your busy schedule permits.

(This blog and emails will only be used for VTA 120 issues. It is run, for now, by Andrew Ward, employee @ Juniper networks and VTA120 rider for 10 years. I'm open to anyone with better organization skills, more passion and/or more experience @ turning the wheels of bureaucracy in responding to people to take this over.)


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