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Moffett Business Park area.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Survey / Petition ready... Just wating for a few more maillist sign-ups.

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One of the TC's has asked us to start a petition / survey for VTA120 riders that can be used for the Business Park's overall Transportation Coordinator to move  VTA away from their reckless plan.
That petition is ready to go. But, we only want to send out ONE email about it.  We currently have 30 folks signed up on the mail list.  I have some flyers inviting everyone else to sign up.  I'll share them with some of you to pass out on your bus.

We have the AM 6:12 and the PM 4:05 buses covered.  But, we still have 4 buses in the morning and 5 in the afternoon which are not yet covered.  Please let me know if you take one of these trips and can pass out a few of these invites.   Thanks!


  1. I sometimes take the 8:32AM Bus in the mornings when I miss my company shuttle. But i would definitely keep that or 8:12AM too open.

  2. Got the 'official' flyer in the evening bus today about the cancellation.

    How are our efforts at reversing this decision looking? Anything else we can do to prevent this?

  3. I often take the 8:12 AM or 8:32 AM bus in the mornings.